Do you have a repetitive manual quality inspection process in place that you would like to replace by an automated optical inspection (AOI)? Do you have an AOI which is not performing as expected?

Our team of experts in software and engineering will guide you in the transformational process of implementing an automated optical inspection in the product lifecycle management system of your company.

If data is an issue, with Synigen we can develop on purpose solutions for your industrial setup and generate a big amount of annotated high quality data that can be used for training an artifcial intelligence model.

AI Development Roadmap

  • Icon Prolem

    What is the problem one wants to solve?

  • Icon User

    Who is the end user?

  • Icon Challenge

    What are the possible challenges or risks?

  • Icon Value

    What is the added value for the business?

  • Icon PLM

    Integration in the existing PLM? Impact?

  • Icon Data

    Do you have the needed data?

  • Icon AI model

    Do you need to build an AI model? What type?

  • Icon Resources

    Do you have the resources available?

  • Icon Timeline

    What is the expected timeline for the AI project?

  • Icon Metrics

    How will the performance be measured?

  • Icon Cost

    What is the expected ROI? Total cost?

Since the real world is sometimes difficult to simulate, our curfers can help in the development of new modules for the creation of industrial setups, anomalies, defects or other software related tasks. Since our product Synigen is built in a modular way, it allows us to create fast and accurate POCs. Additionally, we can create augmented reality (AR) ready software in order to apply / deploy the chosen models.

Our experienced software engineers and project leaders help you to define the scope of the integration and the implementation of it. The entire lifecycle of the machine learning project is taken into account.

  • Curf is participating in the ESA Business Incubation Centre Belgium.