At Curf we deliver innovative and practical solutions for clients working in the manufacturing, agriculture, food and space industry. Combining our expertise in software and mechanical engineering and working on latest techniques, we find solutions together with our clients for their needs in automated optical inspection software.

Find below some examples of clients for which we developed a solution with our innovative and practical way of working.

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Reynaers Aluminium

Develop an AI defect (scratch, dent and fold) detection model starting from a dxf file (2D) containing the contour of an aluminium profile.

Reynaers Aluminium is a Belgian developer of aluminium products for the building sector. The company offers comprehensive support to architects, fabricators, solar installers, project developers, investors, and end users.

Using Synigen the dxf file was transformed into a 3D realistic rendering.

With our defect module, one generated an amount of high quality automatically annotated images which could be used for the training of an AI model.

Using our inference module, the images could be easily be finetuned and / or new images with new defects and variations in light, positioning, colours, materials... could be added.

Finally the results of the project were conclusive that one can build an AI defect detection model only based on synthetic data.

Reynaers Aluminium

Develop an automated object recognition AI model for the detection of the profile type.

Using Synigen the dxf file was transformed into a 3D realistic rendering, and automatically annotated fotorealistic images were rendered which could be used for the training of an AI model

Based on our object recognition mobile app, the user can easily take an image of the front of the section of the profile and check by inference what profile it is. A system has been added in order to be able to do a live check of the proposed profile type.

  • Curf is participating in the ESA Business Incubation Centre Belgium.