Synigen has been built as a 3D CAD-like software that allows the user to: load multiple file formats like: stp, obj, stl, ... and pan, rotate and zoom like any other CAD software. The user can easily setup a virtual environment of the real industrial setup. With automatic defect generation and multiple automation tools, the user can generate synthetic annotated images of realistic renderings in no time.

Why use synthetic data?

In modern artificial intelligence developments, data is the one most important and valuable resource. Getting the right data is on one side the most important part, but on the other side one of the most challenging parts of building accurate AI models. Gathering precise data and data of sufficient quality in real world is complicated, expensive and time consuming. This is where synthetic data plays an increasingly important role.

Challenges of failing Computer Vision System projects

Inadequate Hardware

Time / Rare defects

Poor data (quality/amount)


Related cost

Game changer, Synigen

Underlaying Magic

  • Realistic rendering

    The 3D rendering is done with the latest technologies and techniques.

  • Auto defect integration

    Defects (2D and 3D) can be added manually or automatically with an automation module.

  • AI module / Annotation

    With the integrated AI module, the inference can be shown directly within Synigen, optimizing the fine tuning time.

Added Value

  • Speed

    Synigen allows the customer to create a batch of images with defects in a very short time, even for defects that happen rarely in the real world, but with a big impact on the quality of the product.

  • Flexibility

    The models can be modified or updated easily and thus the created synthetic data can be adapted in a very flexible way without a costly impact.

  • Accuracy

    No human interaction during the labelling / annotation of the images means no biases or errors introduced.

  • Value

    Where human annotated images can cost up to 6$ per image, the synthetic images created by Synigen are costing cents.


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